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Monday, November 19, 2007

Altruism: A Corporate as well as a Societal Necessity

Soft skill training, the corporate version of former personality training, is catching up the market with an unprecedented pace. Major companies spend huge sums to equip their employees with soft skills. At this juncture a clear and precise understanding of the term is necessary for any institution which provides human resources for corporates.

The term soft sills is often explained with the aid of a list of inter personal and intra personal qualities. Generally sufficient attention is given to the intrapersonal aspects like self-esteem, ambition, motivation etc.

When it comes to interpersonal level, only surface layer qualities like communication skills, leadership skills, negotiation skills and the like are dealt with. Altruistic attitude which is to be the basis of all interpersonal aspects of soft skills is either forgotten or taken for granted. A person with an altruistic attitude will naturally be serviceable and will respect and listen to others. It is natural for him/her to sympathize and empathize with the problems of others.
Once the trainee has become altruistic a major part of the job of the soft skill trainer is over. What the trainer has to do is to provide him sufficient and proper language to express him/herself and to train his thought process to make it more logical and lucid.

Hence soft skill trainers have to pay more attention to develop an altruistic attitude in the trainees. In the context of growing individualistic culture, more emphasis on the altruistic attitude has become a corporate as well as societal necessity.