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Thursday, March 12, 2015

On Nirbhabaya Rape Case and the Ban of BBC Documentary:

India's Daughter Hello all, I do not understand why many people identify the perspectives of the culprit and the defense lawyer with the Indian Perspective? Why don't you consider the attitude of the parents, the attitude of her teacher or the attitude of various social leaders and judges as the Indian Attitude?? A glass half filled with water can be described either as "Half Full" or "Half Empty". The choice shows the attitude of the chooser. I watched the documentary and feel sad that I cannot show it to anyone since it is banned.

We have to be very careful before we jump to generalisations. All Indian men are not like Ram Sing, nor all Muslims are like Jihadi John, nor all Hindus are like Nathuram Godse. Human beings are basically the same everywhere, irrespective of cast, creed or race. There are good people and bad people everywhere. It is easy to brand criminals. But once we brand them issues become more complicated. Neither branding nor judging is the ultimate solution but understanding and treating the causes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bagdad by Murugan Kattkkada: An Attempt to Translate

Charred sand swirls up in the air,
Mechanical crow flies upside down,
little childhoods oozing blood from the split heads
down in the valley.
It's Bagdad,
Bagdad of the Arabian tales my mum told (2)
Little sprouts withered by the splattered blood in the butcher shop
dusty lumps packed in rags lies strewn in silence
amidst, sleeps in little dress a shattered childhood
Mum near creaked the pack and laid her half arm on the blushed cheek
It's Bagdad,
Bagdad of the Arabian tales my mum told (2)
Beside the pavement lies a wick, put off and smoke curls up
A cute little child, like a cross that lost both its arms,
pitifully dozes on the sick bed with spilling eyes
praying for the gift of a hand to wipe his tears.
In dreams he lingered with little calves far away
but rose from sleep with the prick of a thorn while nipping a water lilly.
Mum sat near, not weeping and said “now on my eyes are your hands”
It's Bagdad,
Bagdad of the Arabian tales my mum told (2)
They asked from far: “who is in your dreams?”
Kick off all the dreams with no sponsors
Cast off your name and roots, we will give you hot dreams
or else you will be given a fire fruit with thousand wicks to swallow
and fill your nights with nightmares...
and make a pyre with the tree of culture that you nurtured
The shade tree is axed at the root
Will be given a colourful mansion with dream comforts instead

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who needs Ruffiyaa?

Which is the currency that even the people of the country that produce(own) it does not need?

Answer: Maldivian Ruffiyaa

A few days back I went to book two tickets for a submarine dive in Male', the capital of Maldives. I had only Maldivian Ruffiyaa with me. They returned me saying "We will not accept Maldivian Ruffiyaa. You have to pay in US Dollars"

Sunday, April 17, 2011



This news in Daily Mail seems to be strange and shocking for a believer like me. For me this signifies the beginning of an age of SECULAR FUNDAMENTALISM.Secular Fundamentalism is as inadvisable as any religious fundamentalism. The meaning of the word tolerance has to be understood properly. Tolerance does not mean doing away with someone or some idea or some belief. It means the ability to live with people of other beliefs and respect them and their beliefs while upholding and practicing your own faith and beliefs. Remember Secular Fundamentalism is not a substitute for Religious Fundamentalism.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fill the World with Hope

Hello friends, Google Buzz asked me "what are you thinking?" What shall I say. I am thinking about all of you. What else should I think about? Hope you also will find a few minutes a day to think about me. The knowledge that there is someone to think about me is very encouraging. It fills me with hope and enthusiasm. So let us make this world hopeful by thinking about others

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Instilling Creativity

Response to http://beta.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/article74733.ece

Why have art and literature lost its importance is a question whose answer is known to everyone. It is the profit driven market economy, a socio-economic system in which the value of person is calculated on the basis of what one has and not what one is. The wealthier one is the better he/she is. The more luxurious one is the greater he/she is. Courses in the art stream are not as financially rewarding as the courses in commerce and science streams for obvious reasons.
The mechanical repetition of what one studied in commerce and science streams can fetch him/her a salary sufficient to run a middle class family. But in arts and literature one needs to be creative at every point of his/her work. Unfortunately, our educational system does not improve the creativity of the students and hence the art and literature students are at loss, unable to find a job to make their livelihood.
Removal of Chaucer’s Prologue or Nun’s Tale and inclusion of report writing and proposal writing, as the author suggests, is not a solution for the problem. Teaching of neither report writing nor proposal writing will develop the creativity of the students. Study of literature alone will develop it. The major problem is not in the content of teaching but in the method of teaching and evaluation. In our classrooms what happens is only the transfer of information from teachers or lecturers to the students and our exams are just memory tests.
Therefore, developing of a teaching methodology and evaluation system that develops and tests the creativity of students will definitely solve the problem to a great extent.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Natural Counsellor

Waves roar and groan in the sea of miseries
Where my life sinks and floats
Sometimes, for a breath, I long in the deep
Something then pushes me up and then pulls me down

Waves are mild and slow on this Friday eve
They come and dab the sandy shore
Sooth the aching minds of thousand men
Sitting on the Male’ shore, gazing at the mysteries (miseries) deep

Arnold “saw a note of eternal sadness” in the rising waves
They, but, wipe my grieves away and heals my ailing heart.

Ships swaying in the seamless waves,
Boats dancing in the ocean drifts,
Launches* scudding across,
Planes gliding down.
Cures; it cures,
Oh! Lord.

*Speed Boats

These are few lines jotted on 5 February 2010 sitting at the Artificial beach of Male’, Maldives. I came and sat there to get relieved from the tensions of life; to enjoy a comforting pat of the gentle breeze; to get my agonies washed away by the rising waves. My tension for the day is accommodation.