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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Audacious Bankers

A teacher working in Maldives gently pushed open the glass door and slipped into the Anchal Branch of Canara Bank, together with his brother, a cadet in the Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala. They stood elegantly before the BM’s cabin awaiting the exit of another gentleman inside. Minutes passed as they signed and exchanged a few papers.

Both of them politely entered the cabin after the gentleman moved out. The B.M was looking down on some papers and only his head sprinkled with white hue was visible. They took their seats obeying the gesture of the downward looking man, and waited for his work to get over, so that they can talk to him face to face. But the pages were being turned over and over and his chin was still nuzzling his chest. Then a coarse voice that gushed down inquired for the purpose of their visit. The teacher said, “Sir, we came for two purposes. First to open an account in your bank and the next was to apply for an education loan”. “We can’t simply give educational loans. It is only for students who are admitted in the merit list” growled the downward looking man. “We have brought the credentials of the student, please have a look at it and decide” replied the customers. “I can’t say anything unless I see the student. Let the student and his father come here once” said the voice reflected upward from the table glass of the BM. “I don’t have time now, please don’t disturb me “, it continued, bringing an end to the discussion. The dejected customers calmly cleared off the cabin annoyed and insulted.

How audacious the public servants are!!!! We couldn’t see his face at least, they grumbled while starting their bike. And the disheartened teacher was this humble self.