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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bloody Kannur

‘March is the cruelest of months, breeding violence out of violence, mixing hatred and politics’ As the summer sun dries the brooks and rivers, blood streams springs forth. Two legged brutes run hither and thither desperately craving to quench their thirst for blood. Frightened preys flee with their life. Corpses scattered in the public places: sliced, chopped, stabbed. Blood oozing out from the soulless bodies forms gory streams beside the roads. Smiles disappear. Hearts throb. Sobs turn to screams and yells. Tear streams merge into blood streams flooding the roads. Twilight spreads; funeral pyres dwindles; plots starts anew; darkness thickens; hours pass; another gory day dawns…………………………..
Kannur= Name of a place in North Kerala. I wrote this in response to the political violence that was happening there at that time.