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Thursday, March 12, 2015

On Nirbhabaya Rape Case and the Ban of BBC Documentary:

India's Daughter Hello all, I do not understand why many people identify the perspectives of the culprit and the defense lawyer with the Indian Perspective? Why don't you consider the attitude of the parents, the attitude of her teacher or the attitude of various social leaders and judges as the Indian Attitude?? A glass half filled with water can be described either as "Half Full" or "Half Empty". The choice shows the attitude of the chooser. I watched the documentary and feel sad that I cannot show it to anyone since it is banned.

We have to be very careful before we jump to generalisations. All Indian men are not like Ram Sing, nor all Muslims are like Jihadi John, nor all Hindus are like Nathuram Godse. Human beings are basically the same everywhere, irrespective of cast, creed or race. There are good people and bad people everywhere. It is easy to brand criminals. But once we brand them issues become more complicated. Neither branding nor judging is the ultimate solution but understanding and treating the causes.


Libin A Johnson said...
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Libin A Johnson said...

hellloooo all, I also saw the documentary. I dont know why som much of agitations about it. Is it because it is screened in BBC. i couldnt find any thing wrong in that. And the people who are yelleing now, are u all so innocent. And more disgusting over the disgusting part was the torture by medias.It was more than what the girl went through or what is shown in the documentary